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Some random info I find useful and you might too. List will be added to as I remember or discover things…

1. The BEST way to clean your gas stove grills.

2. Instead of fighting with parchment paper to lay in your pan or prevent it from rolling up, scrunch it into a ball and wet it. When you unravel it it will do what ever you want.

3. Re-heat your pasta in a hot frying pan. It wont be overcooked and it if you leave it sit for a few minutes before stirring it will get some golden crispy bits where your parmesan was.

4. If you have a wooden cutting board, rub vigorously with a cut lemon to remove any lingering odours. If you keep your board well oiled it will stain less, smell less and warp less.

5. Use an eggshell to remove a little piece of eggshell from your dish. Works so easily!

6. Love fresh ginger but don’t use it enough for it to stay fresh? Put in  baggie and freeze it. You can grate it peel and all into your dish.

7. Don’t store potatoes and onions next to eachother. They spoil way quicker.

8. When chopping garlic, do it on a little spot of sea salt. It stops your garlic from jumping all over the place.

9. Use a Mr Clean magic eraser to scrub your stainless steel sink and especially the drain. Your mind will be blown.

10. If you constantly have olive oil stains on your shirts like me, pour some flour on the spot and let it sit for a day before you wash it.


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