The BEST way to clean your gas stove grills

I love having a sparkling stove stop. Im obsessive about and I don’t care who knows. So if you’re sick like me (and I know some of you are) then this how my stove still looks brand spanking new after 10 years. 

This is for enamel coated gas stove grills. If yours are the cast iron type you’re own your own. I wouldn’t do this because I think it’s too harsh.

Take all the grills and covers and put them in a large freezer bag with a good splash of ammonia. Seal and let sit overnight. I spray a bit of oven cleaner on my actual stovetop and let sit for an hour. Everything wipes off perfectly.

When you open the grill bags the next day you just need to scrub a little with soap and water and everything will come off. I mean everything. Very little elbow grease required. I used to use steel wool and comet and it would take forever and not all would come clean. Try this. It works!

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